12 Ways Your Business Card Can Harm You

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Business cards are one of the most important networking tools used by accountants. The right card can help you make a great impression on potential clients and generate more business for your firm. Unfortunately, many accountants do not put the right information on their cards. Here are 12 business card mistakes you should avoid.

1. Free Email Address

If you run your own accounting business, don't hand out business cards that list an email address ending in "gmail.com," "aol.com" or "yahoo.com." Instead, create a custom email address for your business.

2. No Email Address

Communicating with clients via email saves a lot of time, and it helps document what you discussed. If you hand out business cards without your email address on them, potential clients might wonder about your professionalism.

3. Lack of Job Title

Putting a job title on your business card is especially important if you work for a big accounting firm or if you are the president or chief executive officer of a firm.

4. No Call to Action

All business cards should include some sort of call to action or a statement that tells the reader what to do next. Including a call to action makes it easier to move contacts into your sales funnel and generate more profit for your business.

5. Too Many Phone Numbers

Some business cards have three or four telephone numbers on them, confusing professional contacts and potential clients. If people are confused about which number to call, they might not call at all, leaving you without the opportunity to bring new business to your firm.

6. Missing Logos

Enhance your brand by including a logo on all of your business cards. If your firm doesn't have a logo, hire a designer to create one.

7. Glossy Finishes

Glossy finishes look nice, but you can't write on them. When you hand out business cards, you want your new contacts to be able to jot down the details of your conversation on the back of your card. Use a matte finish to make it easy for people to write on your cards.

8. Non-functional Websites

If you print your website address on your business cards, make sure your website is up and running before you give the cards to new contacts.

9. Profile Photos

Putting a photograph on a business card is a good idea if you're a model, but it's not necessary for accountants. Leave the photograph off so you have more room for a call to action and other important details.

10. Unnecessary Graphics

Too many graphics make business cards look cluttered. Your logo should be the only graphic you use when designing your card.

11. No Industry

Add a tagline to your business card to make sure people know what your business is. This is especially important if your job title and business name aren't directly related to your industry.

12. Unusual Shapes

Printing cards in unusual shapes is a gimmick that doesn't really yield results. Stick to rectangular cards with professional-looking colors and fonts.

These business card mistakes can drive potential clients right to your competitor. If your current business cards aren't up to par, find a designer to help you create something professional and memorable.

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