5 Quick Tips to Land That Admin Job

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Most admin jobs require professionalism, top-notch communication skills and a myriad of other talents, no matter what industry you work in. Up for the challenge? Be prepared to face tough competition in the job market. Here are five effective tips on landing a rewarding admin job at a great company.

1. Cast a Wide Net

Don't be intimidated by an admin job that is outside your industry. Admin skills are versatile and essential in any company and in every industry. So create a profile across multiple job sites, reach out to as many family members and friends as you can, and attend every networking opportunity. The more job listings you give yourself access to, the greater chance that you'll happen across a valuable opportunity you may have otherwise missed.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase your odds of landing an admin job. One of the most popular professional networking sites, LinkedIn, is a tool that allows you to follow companies, access job postings and contact recruiters. Other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used for job hunting and networking, albeit on a more casual scale.

3. Demonstrate your multitasking skills.

Admin jobs require you to be able to perform a lot of different tasks, sometimes simultaneously. Companies need to know that you can go with the flow and switch up your focus at a moment's notice. Make sure your resume and cover letter communicate your flexibility and adaptability to different work situations, and discuss how you are able to handle multiple responsibilities at once.

4. Emphasize Your Technical Skills

Nowadays, admin jobs require a certain degree of technical prowess, especially if you're working as the right hand to an older executive. Being able to fix a frozen computer screen, disable auto formatting or download smartphone apps can make you a lifesaver when an IT person isn't available. Make sure prospective employers know that you possess valuable technical skills by emphasizing them in your resume and cover letter.

5. Put Your Best Face Forward

Admin jobs require the utmost professionalism and organization from candidates, so demonstrate these traits at every point in the hiring process. Make sure your resume and cover letter are completely flawless, and always have multiple copies on hand. Always answer your phone in a professional manner when recruiters call, and be prepared to take down information if need be. Show up early for interviews, and dress a step above the company's dress code. Follow up every interview with a handwritten thank-you note to the interviewer. Taking these steps shows the hiring manager that you are completely invested in this job opportunity.

Searching for an admin job can be exhausting and time-consuming. Maximize your time and effort by using the tips found here. Casting a wide net, using social media to your advantage, and emphasizing your technical skills, multitasking ability and professionalism are effective ways to catch and keep a hiring manager's attention.

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