5 Services Small Businesses Need to Avoid Sales Tax Hassles

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Small business owners often agree that bookkeeping and taxes can be the most unpleasant part of owning a company. Sales tax hassles, expense reports, employee payroll and organizing financial documents come with the territory of ownership. Simplify small business accounting and avoid the headaches of tax time by adopting modern technology services that can ease the pain and improve business operations.

Most businesses are eager to jump on the bandwagon of the latest technology when it comes to communicating with clients. However, not enough small businesses are willing to toss the 20th-century version spreadsheets and paper trail when managing taxes and tracking finances, according to Jonathan Barsade with AccountingWeb.

Enter the next century by automating small business accounting financial processes to avoid sales tax hassles. Online software solutions feature tools that can reduce the risk of audits, improve accuracy when processing tax payments and deliver reports at the click of a button. When choosing accounting software for your small business, the service must first provide a comprehensive solution. Determine an accounting program that can update information in real time and handle multiple tax jurisdictions. Solutions that can differentiate between tax rates of different products can help small businesses avoid sales tax hassles.

A low-maintenance solution is ideal for small businesses. Seek out software that updates the ever-changing tax laws and incorporates these changes to financial data for the year to avoid sales tax hassles. User-friendly technology should be a priority too. Technology should not disrupt business operations.

Tax software that files all types of returns can save time and money for small businesses. Investigate software options that automate invoices and shopping carts and retrieve the data to generate and file tax returns. Software with audit support helps small business owners to avoid sales tax hassles when states and taxing agencies have questions about taxes and returns.

Innovative technology solutions can also alert small business owners to potential withholding issues, according to a Nexxt article. An alert in December that you may owe taxes in April may give you the upper hand when analyzing deductions and last-minute write-offs for the year. Strategic year-end tax moves can reduce the amount of taxes owed or increase the amount of an IRS refund. Don't wait until the last minute to input tax documentation either. Daily, weekly or monthly entries help automated software perform at its optimal capacity.

Time is precious for small business owners as they try to multitask. Avoid sales tax hassles and headaches when preparing financial documents by utilizing innovative technology and software programs that provide more time for business owners to focus on customers, products, services and processes. Eliminate the stress of time-consuming tax problems by letting technology do the work for you all year long.


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