5 Ways to Find Balance to Better Frame your Life

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Sometimes something as simple as a tilted picture frame can stop us in our tracks. Even if it’s only eschewed by a few degrees the lack of being level can draw our focus away from the art inside the frame and the rest of the world around it. It might be such a subtle lean that we do not realize what is so unsettling at first but our subconscious sees that it is off balance and fixates on what’s wrong.


In life it’s easy to do the same thing, fixate on what’s wrong. Whether it is problems in our personal lives or the state of the world today it’s hard to ignore the areas that throw off our equilibrium. So many people are so intent on seeing everything that’s wrong it’s blinding them from seeing what’s right.


For the unemployed and underemployed, concentrating on what’s missing in life can quickly slip from necessity to compulsion. It’s important not to ignore the need for a job but when the lack of finding suitable work sours the other areas of life it’s time to step back and find some balance. Make finding a job your day job and leave it at the office after work hours.


Consider the following concepts to bring a better balance to your perspective:


Organize – It’s hard to find balance if you feel overwhelmed. Sort your priorities into different areas and focus on them individually. Base your goals on what you are comfortable with not what you think is expected.


Schedule – Set up a routine and stick to it. Allot time to progress in each area instead of expecting to accomplish all of your goals immediately. Make a point to plan for relaxation spells as well.


Connect – Networking is important for finding a job but it’s also important for finding support. Reach out to others for advice and avoidance options. Hanging out and not talking about all the things on the to-do list can be as rewarding as listening to someone who thinks they have all the answers.


Bend – Be flexible with yourself and others. No one is perfect so don’t expect them to be, and that includes you too. Berating yourself for failed attempts will only throw your balance off further. Regroup, reorganize and start a new strategy just don’t give up.


Recognize – Realize the importance of struggle in your life. Without friction we can’t go anywhere. Times of trial will be tough but they shape who we are and leave us stronger and wiser in the end. If you look at tribulation as an opportunity it will become a blessing instead of a burden.


While developing his Pyramid for Success UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden noted, “Next to love, balance is the most important thing.” Love yourself enough to look past the momentary slant framing your situation and see yourself as the beautiful piece of art inside and appreciate the opportunity for a new perspective. 


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