5 of the Best Employers For Good Work-Life Balance

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Do you ever feel that you have to chose between your family's needs and your work responsibilities? So many of us struggle to find a balance between work and home. It can get to the point where it feels as though nothing you do can make a difference. It doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of companies who understand how important it is to be able to nurture both sides of an employee's life. They believe that their employees are able to function better when they aren't worried about meeting the demands of their family and their work.

These are companies who try to create a fun work environment. Often, they offer perks like on-site fitness centers, day-care services and even generous vacation time.

Do you think that these companies can't possibly exist? Well, here are the top 5 employers for a good work-life balance, as listed by Business Week:

5. CareerBuilder - This job search company believes in having a life outside of work. It offers flexible work arrangements, tuition reimbursement and even half-day Fridays during the summer.


4. SAS - Employees at SAS in North Carolina get three weeks vacation each year. In addition, they have flexible working schedules, on-site child-care centers, a summer camp for school aged children and an on-site healthcare and fitness center.


3. Agilent Technologies - This tech company in California offers flexible time off and flexible work hours. It also offers an employee assistance program that includes counseling, legal services and assistance for childcare.


2. North Highland - This consultancy company based in Atlanta offers their employees some say in what assignments they take. It also offers three to four weeks of vacation per year.


1. Mitre Corp. - This non-profit company offers on-site fitness centers, outdoor recreation areas, health fairs, massage therapy and more. Its employees receive up to 23 paid days off each year. After seven years, they are allowed to take a sabbatical of up to eight weeks.

If you'll notice, companies like Google and Apple aren't at the top of the list, even though they get the most attention for their unconventional workplaces. Finding a company that understands the need for having a good work-life balance isn't impossible. There are many companies who want to attract and keep the best employees possible, and the way to do it is to offer them something that makes them feel important, respected and valued.

Does your company have a good work-life balance? Why or why not?


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  • Melisssa Kennedy
    Melisssa Kennedy
    I'm not sure about their specific benefits. You might want to visit their website to find out more. Most of the time, when companies offer tuition reimbursement, it covers any related coursework. I hope it helps.
  • R J M
    R J M
    Does Agilent Technologies offer Tuition Reimbursement, for there employees ? Does this include reimbursement for beyond Bachelor's ie Masters degree in IT?

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