5 Ways That Good Bosses Keep Their Employees Motivated and Happy

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In the sales industry, keeping your best employees motivated and happy is key to higher productivity and higher profits. Here are 5 ways to keep your team happy and motivated.
When you are working in sales, having a highly motivated team is the key to achieving excellent results. But, keeping a group of professionals on track over the long haul can be a challenge. Employees who are not motivated and not feeling excited about what they do are at risk of jumping ship. Especially now that the job market is making a comeback, keeping your best employees is crucial. Here are 5 ways good bosses keep their employees happy and motivated:
  1. They stop by – Checking in with your employees in person and seeing what they are up to is a great motivator. Just showing that you are willing to stop by their office and chat reminds your employees that you are there for them and care about their work.
  2. They always return calls or emails – When your employee calls you or emails you about a problem, it's important to try to follow up as soon as possible. When you ignore these messages, you are telling them that they aren't important.
  3. They don't fire for every mistake – At some point, just about everyone has messed up, made a mistake and even caused a lot of trouble for their company. Don't be so quick to fire a good employee for every mistake. It makes everyone in the office afraid to take a risk and makes them worried about their jobs. Worried employees start looking more seriously at other offers.
  4. They listen well – Being a good listener is a talent and a skill that takes practice. Pay attention to how you listen. Are you thinking about your response or are you focused on what the other person is saying?
  5. They delegate – Trust your employees to do the jobs you hired them for. When a boss can't trust the team to complete a task or just can't let go of the need to do everything themselves, they are taking away chances for their employees to demonstrate their abilities.
When you are keeping a team motivated it's important to remember to praise your employees and let them know that they are valued. When great workers start looking for a new job, the most common reason they give is lack of appreciation.
How do you keep your team motivated and happy? Let me know in the comments.
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