6 Critical Job Search Steps

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Finding your dream job requires much more than just searching online job boards and applying for positions. A savvy job search requires a plan and a concerted effort to narrow your choices, personalize your brand and tailor your documents to various employers. Discover six critical steps to take as you apply for your next job.

1. Network

Network extensively and the right way, because the people you connect with can recommend you for positions during your job search. Reach out to former colleagues, people you went to college with, former supervisors and people you enjoyed working with in past positions. Expand your connections with thought leaders in your industry, people you admire and savvy professionals who are in-the-know within your industry.

2. Put Yourself Out There

Attend networking events that put you face-to-face with business professionals. Regularly attend industry events, talks, luncheons and association meetings during and after your job search. Also, call recruiters in your industry to let them know you're looking for a job, and ask for assistance.

3. Leverage LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn as a viable tool to meet industry leaders and build your personal brand. Start by filling out your profile completely, including a professional headshot, and listing all of your past employment and education. Join groups of like-minded people and engage with them. Comment on people's LinkedIn posts, and write your own posts to find more thought leaders to talk to on LinkedIn. See if you can increase your connections to 500 or more as a way to create a vast network that can help with your job search.

4. Narrow Your Search and Your Role

Find the employers you most want to work for, and then write your ideal job description for those companies. Determine why you're perfect for the role you choose and list your experiences and accomplishments that would help you fulfill that position. This exercise helps you get in the right mindset for telling a hiring manager why you're a perfect fit for an open position.

5. Learn a New Skill

After you fill out your ideal job description, you may find that some qualifications don't match your skill set. Go out and learn a new skill. Take a class, either online or in person, to advance your knowledge during your job search. This skill can be technical in nature and specific to your chosen field, or it can be a soft skill that any employer wants, such as leadership, communication or time management. Be sure to include this new skill on your resume.

6. Talk Yourself Up

Reach out to 10 people you admire and with whom you worked in the past. Ask each person to write a recommendation letter for you. Upload those letters to LinkedIn. This does two things. First, it lets hiring managers know you're valuable to other professionals. Second, the information in these letters give you an idea about how to speak to your highest-level attributes during interviews or networking events.

These six critical steps of your job search may seem like a lot of work. However, they are well worth it and can boost your chances of success. Are there any additional steps you would recommend? Please share them in the comments section below.

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