9 Signs You Could Be the Problem Employee

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Are you forcing yourself to do just enough at work? Despite putting in a passable performance, showing up every day with a poor attitude can earn you a reputation as a problem employee. Take time to honestly consider whether you're giving your best effort or pulling down the team. Here are nine signs that you're a problem employee in need of a career overhaul.

1. Poor Productivity

If everyone else is performing up to par, it's twice as noticeable when you miss deadlines and hold up projects. While you might not be a bad worker, a pattern of poor productivity is a red flag that your role isn't suited to your strengths.

2. Perpetual Lateness

Arriving to work or meetings whenever you want just doesn't cut it. Frequent lateness sends the message that you don't value anyone else's time.

3. Low Morale

Imagine talking to a sales or customer-service rep who is obviously bored and unenthusiastic about helping you. Low energy or poor morale can have a negative impact on your employer, especially if a problem employee has a customer-facing job.

4. Weak Performance

Do you turn in the bare minimum or constantly overlook mistakes? Employers pay you to solve problems, which isn't possible when you never bring your A-game.

5. Malicious Gossiping

Many problem employees badmouth others and share petty rumors, rather than focusing on work. Walk away the next time you find yourself feeding the rumor mill.

6. Constant Excuses

Eventually, everyone gets tired of employees who never take responsibility for their actions. Avoid rushing to defend yourself every time something goes wrong, and think about how you can help to resolve the situation.

7. Hypercritical Attitude

Most people have a threshold for nonstop sarcasm and criticism, so they don't want to hear you complain all day. When you don't believe in the company mission and think everything about your work environment is stupid, consider finding a job in a more compatible company culture.

8. Stealing

Sure, it's easy to assume you're not hurting anyone by pinching a few supplies here and there. Yet, most employers take stealing very seriously, and making a habit of swiping things can throw off inventory and purchasing over time.

9. Weak Relationships

Don't have any buddies or even friendly acquaintances at work? When you're a problem employee, it's difficult to maintain good relationships with co-workers, as people may not trust you or like dealing with a negative vibe.

No one really wants to be the bad worker everyone else avoids. If every day is a crappy day, think about the feelings fueling your unhappiness and the steps you can take to refresh your career. In many cases, a change of behavior or environment is the best way to renew your passion and stop getting labeled as the problem employee.

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