9 Great Old PC Ads

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I was thinking that it is a great time to take a look back at how far computer technology has come in such a short time. It is amazing to me, that within my lifetime, we have went from not having computers at all to rooms filled with reel to reel tape recorder servers and now to lightweight netbooks and smart phones.
Here are some old advertisements that are sure to make you laugh:

I am loving the go-go boots, but that modem is huge.

Ok, from now on, I will NEVER complain about my laptop's screen resolution. But this guy certainly is enjoying his time at the pool!

Four grand for a 10mg hard drive? This certainly makes the 16g iPad a steal at $499.

I wonder if you can get WiFi with this?

Hey, the cheap one comes with 4k of RAM...

This one is just the hard drive.

The ad says that Apple computers are easy to use and afford. I think that times have changed, because even though they are easy to use, I would have to sell my first born to afford one.

A family Christmas present that is fun and educational. Let your kids write their own programs in BASIC.

By Melissa Kennedy- Melissa is a freelance writer and regular contributor to several websites and other publications, a volunteer, a full time mom and an active job seeker.

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