Accountability is Key to Being Successful

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Being held accountable at work directly affects your success. Having accountability in the accounting field is just as important, or even more important, than taking full responsibility for accurate practice and procedures in other professions. Consider some of the ways possessing high accountability can help you become more successful.

To Encourage High Performance

If you know you are being held accountable at work for your performance, it can motivate you to do your best. Being personally accountable for your daily duties can help you develop more consistent, healthy habits at work. Although sweeping a small error under the rug can help you initially dodge scrutiny, placing your best foot forward every day enhances your ability to perform in the long run. If you accept accountability for doing something incorrectly, you can recover from the error and improve your skills.

To Be a More Responsible Employee

The truth is, nobody likes a person who refuses to be held accountable when he makes a mistake. In the accounting field, being accountable for your work is imperative when dealing with clients' personal and financial information. Handling information properly is necessary for avoiding accounting issues every day, and this includes identifying and fixing organizational, filing or mathematical mistakes quickly.

To Earn Greater Rewards

If you are held accountable at work, you can earn praise and rewards for a job well done. Your name becomes associated with stellar work as a dependable and precise employee, and this can help you get a raise or promotion more easily in the office. In addition, the promise of incentives can motivate you to reach goals and objectives faster than normal.

To Minimize Data Breaches and Malpractice

It is crucial for certified public accountants to minimize the risks of data breaches to the system to protect sensitive information and avoid malpractice suits. Due to this emerging risk, it has become increasingly important for accounting professionals to be responsible enough to adhere to proper standards and utilize ethical measures in everyday practice. Employees who know they will be held accountable often take extra attention to ensure all work is executed correctly.

To Be a Valuable Employee

Hiring and retaining competent certified public accountants has become more difficult for accounting firms in recent years, and reliable accountants are seen as great assets to all firms. Raising your personal accountability can make you indispensable in the workplace. Not only does it illustrate your competence, but it shows you care about the quality of work you do. Most accounting firms are eager to provide greater compensation, benefits and accommodations to retain valuable workers.

To Take Charge of Your Career Success

Being more accountable places you in a position of control over your current and future level of success. Without accountability, you risk losing control over your ability to advance. Not only do clients, co-workers and supervisors praise accountability on your behalf, but stakeholders and the government also expect accountability from licensed CPAs.

Instead of shying away from being held accountable, learn to embrace it and use it to your advantage. Being accountable at work allows you to make a stronger mark as an honest and capable professional in the office. Not only do you avoid accounting issues by taking responsibility, but you become a better employee as well.


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