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Reports from the United States Department of Labor showed that the number of accounting jobs available for workers increased in November of 2013. Other indicators also showed a good month for those in the accounting profession and predicted an excellent future in the months to come. The overall unemployment rate dropped across the nation, with the addition of accounting and other higher-paying jobs, and the future of pay rates for accounting jobs also looks solid. Demand for accountants is likely to continue to increase, with the creation of forensic accounting jobs and similar specialized roles increasing the need for skilled and educated workers.

The November Employment Situation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the overall unemployment rate dropped to 7 percent for the month of November. Experts had expected a drop to 7.2 percent or lower after positive reports from private sources. Accounting jobs helped contribute to an overall gain of 203,000 non-arm jobs during the same month. This number also exceeded expectations as analysts had only anticipated 180,000 new jobs during the period. These numbers are a great indicator of the health of the economy as a whole, and accounting jobs are likely to continue to rise as unemployment drops due to the need for specialized accounting experts.

Accounting jobs rose by 5,500 during the month of November. This increase helped lead the higher-paying jobs category of the report from the BLS to better-than-expected results. Demand for accounting experts is expected to continue to increase, fueling further expansion in the market and following trends from other sectors. The role of accountants has changed in the marketplace, with many accounting jobs now including advisory duties that allow them to work hand in hand with business leaders and managers to help determine the future of many companies.

The future of accounting jobs looks great, and those with accounting careers are expecting pay rises this year due to the increase of demand in the market and an increased recruiting of new accounting grads to fill necessary positions. Accounting grads no longer receive training in simple number crunching alone. Current courses dedicated to helping students embark on accounting careers emphasize strategy and ethics as well as leadership, making them invaluable assets for many organizations.  

The addition of 5,500 accounting jobs to the market and increased demand seems to indicate a bright future for accounting. As the economy as a whole continues to recover from recession conditions, the need for skilled forensic accountants and other specialized workers is likely to continue to rise. Demand drives salaries and the number of accounting jobs available for workers helps ensure accounting remains a lucrative option for both new graduates and experienced workers in the field.



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