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The Internet allows employers to find great candidates online. To catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters, your online resume needs to stand out from the hundreds of others posted on the Web. In particular, your accounting skills resume must list expertise in areas in demand by employers. Here are a few of the accounting skills to feature on your online profiles.

Auditing and compliance skills – Corporations must comply with an assortment of rules, laws, and regulations placed on them by government agencies, investors, and other organizations. Additionally, companies need to stay on top of their internal processes and revenues. All these requirements mean companies need accountants who know how to perform audits to ensure the company is in compliance with codes and decrees. Adding this expertise to your accounting skills resume will put you at the top of the list of many hiring managers.

Product valuation control – If you're looking for employment in the banking field, you will find many doors open to you if you have experience with or have completed an accounting program in product valuation control. This skill encompasses monitoring trading activity to ensure traders are properly marking their books with price values that are fair. Banks can incur hefty fines if they do not have proper product controls in place, so it's certain these companies are always looking applicants with this expertise on their accounting skills resumes.

Technical expertise – The proliferation of technology today means accountants are likely to do their work on a variety of computer systems. In addition to accessing a number of computer programs to complete your work, you will probably also use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because technology is so integrated into society, recruiting managers will be wary if they don't see expertise in popular accounting tech packages on your accounting skills resume, and this deficiency can hamper your chances of landing the job you want.

Analytical skills – The primary part of an accounting job is analyzing information and using it to make reasonable conclusions or suggest appropriate courses of action. This applies to crunching sales numbers, improving internal processes, and increasing compliance with rules and regulations. If analytical skills are not listed on your accounting skills resume, then your application will likely be passed over.

If you feel you are lacking in any of these or other skills required for a particular job, you can pursue additional training by completing a relevant accounting program. With many schools offering online courses, you can complete the class at home when it's convenient for you. This is an excellent way to increase your expertise in a given area and develop an accounting skills resume that helps you land the job of your dreams.


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