Accounting Trends for 2015

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Accounting firms that stay on top of the changes in the industry often uncover innovative procedures and practices. Hiring is no exception when it comes to analyzing accounting trends. The new year brings the opportunity to evaluate accounting hiring practices and ensure the right employees are providing the best service for your clients.

Demand is high for hiring well-qualified individuals within the accounting industry. Accounting firms need more experts to oversee regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering initiatives, corporate risks and financial control, especially with increased initiatives for regulatory compliance. Accounting trends have been showing that employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the specialized talent they need.

Job candidates who are able to keep up with the latest developments in the accounting industry often find themselves at an advantage when it comes to the job market. Accounting hiring practices seek out the professionals who understand that laws and regulations change frequently. Therefore, candidates should emphasize their knowledge of the current trends and display this knowledge in their cover letters and job interviews.

Accounting trends also indicate that employees within the financial services, health care and energy sectors are in high demand. The new year is likely to lead firms in these sectors to seek highly qualified cost, staff and senior accountants, compliance officers, controllers and auditors. Demand intensifies the need to offer competitive benefit and compensation packages to attract the top talent. Starting salaries are moving upward and may continue to increase as the top talent is offered attractive incentives and perks.

Interim staffing solutions continues to be part of the many accounting trends into the new year. Organizations have found cost efficiency and staffing flexibility with temporary staffing. This practice allows firms to audition employees before considering them for full-time opportunities. Candidates may find that engaging in temporary work may be the best option to secure a full-time job if they prove themselves in the interim. Accounting professionals should demonstrate a combination of flexibility, structure and efficiency to stand out above the rest. Accounting trends may show an increase in temporary staffing, but this does not limit the possibilities for accounting professionals who can complete tasks quickly and accurately while displaying top-notch skills, such as flexible thinking. A candidate with foreign language skills in addition to knowledge of regulations, laws and compliance practices reduces the risk of looking like a carbon copy of every other candidate, especially within global markets.

Firms may face challenges as accounting trends continue to show a growing demand for skills that are hard to find. However, companies who embrace training, offer competitive compensation packages and incentives and spend ample time evaluating the skills of temporary employees may find that the right employee is right under their nose.


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