Are You Keeping Up With Technology Trends?

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Accountants that stay on top of their clients' needs deliver more value and keep loyal customers. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the most current accounting technology that integrates every aspect of bookkeeping into a seamless software suite. This allows you to maintain real-time support when a client has a question or concern.

Cloud computing software, once only available to larger firms, has dropped significantly in price as of 2016. Smaller firms can now compete with the big boys in terms of assessing what a client needs to do to maintain profitability and stability. Accounting technology with computers has been around for decades, but the ubiquity of remote access remains a new facet of the industry.

One key to cloud computing is staying mobile. You do not need to remain chained to your desk all day. Thanks to tablet computers and smartphones connected to the Internet, you can work from anywhere. Make sure your cyber security is top-notch — a data leak can ruin your reputation and cause clients to go with other firms that have a better grasp of accounting technology.

Mobile computing lets you access client information any time and anywhere. This leads to real-time support as you research a client's books while he talks to you on the phone or shortly after a panicked email reaches your inbox. On-site visits to access a client's PC are the thing of the past. Both you and the client can view the same information at the same time so both of you are on the same page.

This is where added value comes into play when you audit your clients' computer networks. Ask each customer about security procedures that keep information safe, paperless accounting and software that alerts managers to problems. Ask an IT expert or your firm's IT staff for help. IT specialists provide expert opinions as you attempt to integrate your accounting technology into someone else's business.

Collaborate with clients through your website and social media. Add videos and blogs through your website to help explain accounting practices and procedures. Social media gets the word out that you have new content ready to view. Popular topics for businesses, groups and individuals range from financial planning and savings to income tax tips and ways to save on tax bills. The extra content on a website, much like the rest of your accounting technology suite, adds value to your services.

When clients see what they get for your expert services, they realize just how important an asset you are. Make your job easier by finding the right computer software, cloud computing and client interactions that work for you.

As of 2016, mobile computing and new software have already dramatically changed the industry. Accounting technology trends continue to point to more integration and flexibility for the coming decade. Get on board now before you find yourself left behind.

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