Are Your Skills Under-utilized?

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The role of administrative assistant has changed drastically over the years. The misconception that the position solely consists of photocopying documents and making coffee is outdated. The core role is to provide support to an individual, team or the entire office but if you find your job skills are not being utilized, it is time to show your team what you can do.

Companies who have expanded the roles of their administrative assistants have found that overall support for a team includes responsibilities such as project management, website creation, social media management and travel assistance. Often, though, upper management does not utilize these skills because they are unaware that the employee has proficiency in software programs or advanced technology.

Find your voice to ensure you market your skills and are challenged on the job. Allow executives to see a clear picture of who you are professionally by sharing your professional portfolio. An online snapshot of your skills as an administrative assistant not only makes you more employable but also increases the opportunities you may be provided with in your current position.

You don't have to wait for a formal evaluation to share your strengths and personality with your superiors. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor to identify how you can actively utilize the job skills you possess in the workplace, suggests Julie Perrine of All Things Admin. Show your desire to contribute more to the company by outlining how you can improve productivity or profitability by utilizing your skills as an administrative assistant.

Observe the tasks performed by co-workers and managers. Identify how you can join in and help and voice your willingness to contribute to the project. Do not wait around for someone to ask for your assistance. Be proactive and identify how your contributions as an administrative assistant can simplify the project.

Your role as a professional assistant is to provide overall support for the team; therefore, remind your co-workers and supervisors that you are available to help. Professionals in the workplace often get engrossed in their work and are oblivious to the willingness, availability, or abilities of those available to lend a hand.

Seek training opportunities to ensure your skills will be utilized. Investigate professional development opportunities, training sessions at local venues, and college courses that will advance your skills. Ask your supervisor's opinion on specialized training that may be useful for upcoming projects or tasks within the company.

Make yourself indispensable as an administrative assistant by becoming a self-starting problem solver. Employers take notice when subordinates are willing to seek out solutions and improve the company's processes and procedures without guidance. Present potential solutions to your supervisor to show that you are invested in the company's growth and that you have initiative to prompt change.


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