Avoid These Pitfals When Changing Careers

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You may be feeling a bit restless at work. Maybe your job no longer excites you, or maybe things have changed at home and your current work situation is no longer ideal for your personal or career goals. If you're considering a job change, avoid these career pitfalls that might delay your search for a new job or hinder it all together.

1. Awaiting the Perfect Moment

If you're waiting for the perfect moment to change careers, chances are, it doesn't exist. You may think you need a complete long-term plan for finding a new job. You might even be delaying a change because of the dynamics at work. For example, maybe you don't want to disappoint your co-workers or supervisor, or you're a vital member of a team and feel guilty about looking for a new job. The perfect time may not exist, and if you're waiting for the stars to align and for everything to fall into place, you may still be in the same job five years from now. Even the best-laid plans have kinks and might need some tweaking. Try to plan as best you can and recognize that you won't be able to control everything in your job search.

2. Graduate School Guarantees You a Job

It may seem like a graduate degree is a guarantee of a new dream job, but that's not necessarily true. Although graduate school might open more doors for you, it often doesn't guarantee a job or new career right away. For some people, attending graduate school might not lead to new opportunities in their field. It's essential to weight all the pros and cons of attending grad school, including your return on investment, before taking on the commitment and financial responsibility that comes with earning an advanced degree.

3. It Begins and Ends With the Resume

While your resume is extremely important when you're searching for a new job, it may not have as great an impact as networking with others in your field. Making connections at professional conferences through social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and by attending industry events in your area can open the door to new opportunities. You'll learn about what is important in your industry and can develop relationships with mentors who can help you polish your resume and interviewing skills and even inform you of job openings.

When a new job is your desire, avoiding these three career pitfalls can help you successfully navigate a career change. Don't wait for the perfect moment, consider if graduate school is the best route to a job, and take the time to develop relationships with others in your current field or desired field so you can give yourself the best chance at finding a new job.

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