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The process of achieving balance over various needs and wants lasts a lifetime. It is important to meet needs so one can begin to fulfill desires according to priorities. People have unique desires and make choices about how to best spend their time. Areas of desire that frequently have a large amount of significance for individuals include relationships, leisure activities, entertainment, belief systems, making more money, meaningful work, and managing a home. Relationships are important because they help establish meaningful ways to connect with loved ones. Many feel that their families are the most important aspect of their lives. Loving parents, siblings, extended family, children, spouses, and significant others will be great gifts in life that should not be taken for granted. It is wise to make sure that family connections that are positive are maintained for a lifetime. Those who are lucky enough to have a loving family should do their best to set aside time to spend time with relatives even if they find they have busy lives. Friendships are often almost as important in establishing balance as family bonds. We are free to choose who we associate with as friends. Common interests typically initially attract friends to spend time with each other. Deeper relationships can focus more intensely on truly getting to know more intimate information about another person. One should do their best to stay in close contact with the friends that have meant the most. Romantic relationships can be unique supremely satisfying pursuits that allow people to meet physical, emotional, and even spiritual desires. The bond one has with a lover is often unlike any other feeling in the universe. The sensations that can be experienced with romantic love can be among the most enriching moments of life. Those that find true love in romantic relationships will cherish the feelings and passions they experience for as long as they live. The ability to develop new relationships is available to all who make establishing connections a priority. We must have the courage to pursue and maintain the relationships we really want the most. Too often people unintentionally focus on matters of little importance involving labor, routines, and worry instead of using the time they are given to enjoy all the important people in their lives. Take the opportunity to find ways to show love to the individuals in your life that really matter. It is a decision that you will not regret. Leisure activities can help establish peace of mind, provide simple relaxation from the daily stress of labors, be beneficial in establishing positive interactions with interesting people, and can fill one with immense joy. There are wide varieties of activities available today. Leisure can focus on developing the mind, body, and spirit more fully. It is beneficial to spend time doing what one loves and feels inspired by as much as possible. Observing the talents of others and developing personal growth in activities can provide assistance in other areas of life. Those who are fortunate find ways to make time for leisure activities as a part of a meaningful life. Entertainment can be a joyous experience that can make one feel like royalty. There are so many areas of human capabilities that can provide amusement. The genius used to create ways for people to communicate beauty through sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch are truly remarkable. It is a gift to be touched by an artistic performance, a hilarious insightful comedian, a fire breathing juggling act, or numerous other brilliant souls that strive to show elements of incredible potential. Do the best you can to experience all the wonderful entertainment possible. Belief systems are vital to providing a framework to understand our role in the affairs of the universe. So many incredible belief systems that can provide intense appreciation for valuable ways of living exist. We are able to select to apply the useful applications of any belief systems in our lives. Creative people often find ways to move beyond imitation and even dare to design their own unique set of beliefs. The deepest parts of the mind can be utilized by embracing meaningful beliefs. Those who make the choice to examine and create belief systems will grow to experience more intense pleasures to apply in various areas of their lives. Making money takes care of providing for needs and enhances the ability to pursue desires for many. The true value of money comes from the freedom it grants people to make decisions regarding how they spend their time. Those with more money than they need generally believe they have options to do what they want, can obtain goods and services they desire more easily, and can have increasing power and influence in the world. There may be negative aspects of the capitalist culture for some, but those that manage the money they make well will tend to live more freely according to their true desires. There are enormous amounts of options to find ways to earn money to provide for survival needs. The process of discovering work that has meaning can be a more difficult task, but is ultimately essential in developing a better way of life. Various factors can be viewed as obstacles to obtaining the types of work that one can feel significantly passionate about. These obstacles are challenges that one must find the strength to overcome. The rewards of having a true calling as a way to make a living are vastly superior to those that are just enough to get by or worse. Managing a home can be a daunting task or another way to enjoy life. Shelter can be considered a need for survival to combat extreme elements of weather. Most people are now privileged to be able to select where and how they make their home. Maintaining proper home care can seem trivial when compared to the truest passions one has, however most like to at least be able to enjoy a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment. Having a minimum level of safety, health, and comfort at home will provide a foundation that enables one to pursue what they love more freely. So how can one achieve balance after meeting needs and trying to take care of all the important desires one has? There are no obvious answers that fully apply to everyone because individuals face unique sets of circumstances. Everyone wants different things out of what life has to offer. The most applicable strategy that people can use is to establish priorities between what are truly important ways to spend time, what are just simple enjoyments to be pursued occasionally, and what is not beneficial. A person that is fortunate enough to take care of their needs should be able to find time to experience balance and joy with what they want. What one really values will be seen more clearly according to how they choose to spend their time. In a world full of options do your absolute best to live for what is most valuable to you as much as possible.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for stopping by. Achieving balance is so important for overall health and peace. There are times, when things get out of balance, but that's only natural. Sometimes you spend more time on a new romantic relationship or a new job. But, just like riding a bicycle, eventually you learn how to balance everything while moving forward. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
  • Lucy
    I was really conusfed, and this answered all my questions.
  • Mohammed Shafique
    Mohammed Shafique
    Excellent and worth reading
  • dru
    ~ A balanced life is a successful life, both in mind and body. ~

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