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Do you wish you had some way to put all your to do lists, goals, dreams, thoughts and such in one place, organize them, balance it all and have a way to follow up and check your progress?  I came across this super-organized website a couple of years ago, and it is so versatile and completely simple.  What’s even better, it’s FREE, and as it says on the website homepage, it always will be free.  Hence the name – Simpleology.


There is a little video window on the homepage of with a sneak preview of its features, and then with a simple signup, you are ready to go.  It works like a dashboard, with tabs—“My Day, My Life, My Training.”    “My Day” begins with what they call a brain dump, just putting down all your thoughts, ideas, etc., at the beginning of the day.  I don’t know about you, but I always have a burst of ideas, things to do and miscellaneous thoughts elbowing each other in my brain in the morning, especially in the shower.  This is a great way to capture those great $1 million ideas that get lost if you don’t snag them and write them down before they disappear like smoke in the wind. 


There are lots of other options after that, like Daily Targets—things you want to accomplish that day.  The Dream Catcher is for that stray brilliant idea that pops up during the day that must be captured.  Put it in the Dream Catcher and forget about it until the next day. 


What I really like is the Observation Log.  This is where you can make observations about what is working in your life and what isn’t—and if it’s wasting time, money or energy.  I spend a lot of time checking emails, getting distracted, making lists or doing things that don’t generate income, leads or further my business during business hours, and this is a great place to put it down in writing in front of your face to evaluate and remind you of all the time, money and energy you would have if you just got it together.  This is not a place to beat yourself up, but to take a reality check to get back on track.


The other sections are just as helpful.  “My Life” has a tab for “Stuff I Want” a place to put big dreams, like a seven-figure income or a vacation house in the Bahamas, or whatever your big dream is.  The tab “Major Focus” is for setting short, medium and long term goals.  The last tab is for “Achieved.”   It’s nice to dream and plan, but this dashboard comes with some accountability. 


“My Training” takes you through the Simpleology 101 training, the free offering on this website which has all the features I described.  There are other specific courses that can be purchased.  The free Simpleology 101 will give you plenty of tools to simplify the process of balancing your life and focusing on your goals with a little accountability thrown in for good measure.


What system do you use to keep balance in your life?  Share your ideas in the Comments section below.


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