Beach Tanning Butlers Have it Made in the Shade

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If you like hanging around the beach or pool and rubbing people the right way, you might consider working as a Beach Tanning Butler.

A number of luxury hotels have openings for attractive people who do nothing more than help guests apply sunscreen to their sun-baked bodies. Ritz-Carlton Hotels has offered this service since they first opened.

Beach Butlers typically patrol the pool deck and beach to ensure every guest returns home with a golden tan. Equipped with a custom-made holster filled with sunscreens of varying SPFs, they look for people who might be getting too much unprotected sun. The lotions are free and so is the application, which covers those hard-to-reach back, shoulder and neck areas that easily burn. Some Beach Butlers carry a cool water mister and sunglass cleaner to cater to a guest's individual needs as they soak up rays.

A Beach Butler's job is never boring. They often meet celebrities who enjoy the added service luxury hotels provide. Many guests are pleasantly surprised by the service. Guests are often so appreciative that they take photos of their favorite Beach Butler. It's not uncommon to find them in guests' photo albums in luxury hotels from Stockholm to Tokyo. One guest even asked a Beach Butler to be her prom date.

The ideal candidate for the job is an individual who is outgoing, gregarious and well spoken. You basically have to be a real people person who enjoys making pleasant conversation, someone who also understands his or her role as the representative of a luxury brand.

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