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As an accountant, you may already be using several industry-specific apps and feel it's time to check out some of the newest offerings. Doing that can take time, but a company called K2 Enterprises has helpfully published a list associated with technology awards for accounting and finance apps. Here are some of the factors that helped those apps stand out from the crowd.

K2 Enterprises specializes in providing continuing education opportunities for accountants and other financial professionals. It also serves as a marketing-specific consulting resource for companies that provide technology for accounting professionals and similar experts. The firm has given out its technology awards for 13 years, and K2 instructors comprise the panel of judges.

This year, technology awards were given out in 27 categories. However, there were no clear overall winners. According to K2 Enterprises CEO Val Steed, this year's ceremony featured some repeat victors, but no companies or products dominated the field. However, that fact may still signal good news for accountants. In an interview with AccountingWEB, Steed stated a belief that change is a constant factor in the accounting field, and innovations emerge in the industry every day.

Steed asserted his view that accounting professionals will gravitate towards apps that are user oriented. Beyond showing a commitment to what end users deem important, Steed said the apps and technologies that win the market will be those that stay engaged for five to seven years.

He also clarified how technology awards aren't just reserved for huge firms. Specifically, technology may be the factor that levels the playing field and replaces resources that traditionally were only available to giant firms with huge numbers of employees and significant amounts of money to invest.

Steed offered a four-step process for firms that have their sights set on winning future technology awards or at least large chunks of market share: learning, deploying, managing and investing in technology. Training, such as that which is offered by K2 Enterprises, can help firms keep pace with competitors. Employee training is something many firms overlook, but as Steed cautioned, knowledge is an essential ingredient for success.

In closing, Steed mentioned how accountability must support technological investments. Although developers may eventually find themselves on teams that receive technology awards, careful product reviews must be carried out before those kinds of accolades are achieved.

If accounting professionals aren't using a new app as frequently as expected, what's the reasoning behind that data? In some cases, lack of support from users may be due to poor technology. Insufficient training might also be to blame, or the problem may stem from a combination of those two shortcomings. Accounting experts might also be unsure how to suggest to supervisors that certain apps might improve company practices, thereby encouraging more widespread use.

Whether you're an accountant looking for a new app to use at work or are employed by an app development company and aiming to eventually earn technology awards, look into the K2 Enterprises 2014 technology award recipients for help achieving your goals.


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