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When many people hear the word "accountant," they immediately picture a white-collar worker crunching numbers and preparing financial statements for a large CPA firm. However, accounting professionals are needed throughout a wide array of industries. Check out these eight nontraditional career options for accounting professionals.

1. Business Management

Business managers facilitate the daily operations of employees and processes within an organization. Business managers are responsible for developing budgets, preparing financial reports for senior managers and tracking financial goals, making this position ideal for accounting professionals.

2. Information Technology

Many organizations discover the need to integrate finance and information technology. Accounting professionals within an IT department possess the insight to make significant decisions regarding software choices and system building to make the organization run more effectively and efficiently.

3. Health Care

Accounting professionals find work in a variety of health care settings, from provider offices to medical supply manufacturers. Rather than just hiring billing specialists, hospitals make use of staff accountants to ensure compliance with health care laws related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

4. Biotechnology

The biotechnology field relies heavily on grants and tax deductions to fund research and development efforts. Biotechnology firms hire accounting professionals to explore all areas of funding and keep up with current tax laws.

5. Investor Relations

An investor relations specialist serves as the middleman between his firm and its shareholders, investors and analysts. An accounting professional can make use of his finance background in an investor relations role by creating annual reports and earnings releases and relaying this information to the organization's stakeholders.

6. Business Analysis

Business analysts collect data from a variety of sources to analyze and assess an organization's efficiency. Accounting professionals can apply their knowledge of financial statements, profits and losses, and other metrics to better understand a firm and make suggestions for improvement.

7. Digital Media

The digital media market is rapidly expanding, and many accounting firms focus solely on online media. Accounting professionals with these organizations audit smaller firms to aid technology and digital media giants in the acquisition decision-making process. Accountants also inventory intangible assets for digital media firms.

8. Pharmaceuticals

Accounting professionals are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the expected expiration of many brand-name patents. Generic pharmaceutical corporations hire accountants to value intangible assets, amortize product development efforts, and keep abreast of changes in funding and tax regulations.

If you're a numbers-minded person who desires variety and excitement in a career, consider opportunities in one of these industries. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, accounting professionals are in demand. With corporate profits on the rise, many nontraditional career opportunities are available for accounting professionals across a wide range of industries.

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