Classifying and Organizing Your Lifetime Goals

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As we mentioned in a previous article, create a “Master List” that contains everything you could possibly want, be, do or have. Once you have done that, you will have taken the first step to creating your life time goal system.

Prioritize Your Goals
With that list in hand, we will discuss the next step to take. I now want you to prioritize those goals on that list into one month, one year, and three year segments of time in which to accomplish those goals. For example, let’s say you want to improve your health and lose 24 pounds of body fat which would allow you to get back to your ideal body weight. You want to lose this weight over the next 12 months. So, you would break the goal down into a one month and one year time frame. Over the next month you would plan on losing two pounds, and over the next 12 months you would lose 24 pounds to get back to your idea weight.

So, on your “Master List” of goals you would put next to the item: “lose 24 pounds”, the words “1 month” and “1 year”. The idea is to go over every goal on that complete list and to put a time line of one month, one year or three years next to each goal.

Transfer Your Goals
When you are done with this list, you will have prioritized all the items. The next step is to transfer your one month goals to the one month list, the one year goals to your one year list and the three year goals to your three year list.

Your one month and one year list will be divided into the eight sections we covered in the first article:
• health
• career
• self-improvement
• financial
• leisure-social
• spiritual
• family
• material purchases.

To simplify things, your three year list does not need to have a specific section label. You can apply the specific label of health, career financial etc. when you add it to the one year or one month list. Once accomplished, you can begin prioritizing and setting to work to accomplish those specific goals.

In the upcoming articles I will define what each one of these categories mean and should contain.This will allow you to translate your “Master List” into a step by step approach to understanding and reaching your lifetime goals. . If you are interested in a better career in construction visit Flagship URL

Tom Borg is president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC. He is a business consultant, speaker, coach and author. He helps companies and organization become more profitable by increasing their value and lowering their costs through the professional development of their managers and employees.

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