Cupcakes, Gingerbread and Ice Cream - Oh My! Google Introduces A New Recipe Search Engine, With Pict

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Google introduces a new visual recipe search. Now if only they could come cook it for me, that would be awesome.
In another attempt by Google to take over the world, they have introduced a their new visual Recipe Search. No longer will you be stuck eating leftover take out while you are trying to finish you degree and find a great job. Now, you can even filter your recipe results by the ingredients you have on hand and how long you want to be spending in the kitchen.
To the rousing applause of hungry stomachs everywhere, the results all show a picture of the finished product, so you can quickly browse through the list of tasty meal options and select the recipe that fits your needs best. And, while you are narrowing down you search to the inevitable pasta or scrambled eggs, you can have some fun dreaming of the meals you will cook after you go grocery shopping, one day.
Of course, as with anything, there will always be nay-sayers, and Windows fans are quick to point out that Bing has offered a recipe search feature for some time. At many Tech websites that are covering the story, there are comments suggesting that Google has copied Bing by rolling out this new search feature. Of course, following that logic, the whole idea of web search was copied by Bing. I think that as long as each company is writing their own code and doing their own searches, there isn't any real copying.
Bing users may have had a leg up on the recipe search, but I am excited that it is available for the rest of us. The new search feature is starting in beta this week and should be available for most U.S users to take a look at.
Happy cooking!
Have you tried the Recipe search? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.
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