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If you are looking for a job in the field of logistics, then you may want to consider looking at the area of Columbus, Ohio. A local Columbus TV station featured a report recently on why the area is becoming a hot spot for the logistics community, so let’s look at some of the reasons why.


Columbus is such a central location that it makes it a great origination point for shipping, plus it is only one day’s drive to over 50% of the US population. They have over 250 million square feet of warehouses available, plus the local airport, Rickenbacker International, is one of the airports in the nation that is cargo-dedicated only.


Local logistics companies are hiring as the warehouses are moving more and more product every year. The Columbus Chamber of Commerce had a job fair in mid-March at Columbus State Community College. The college received a grant to attract and train people in the logistics field, and currently runs a three week training program in logistics in order to assist in filling the local positions.


Robin Lynch of ODW Logistics said “We can inventory somebody else's product. We can distribute it right out of our facility. We work with e-commerce, so we can do things online or we can do on-site inventory manpower as well.” Just three months ago, a warehouse at ODW was completely empty, but is now loaded and employees are working hard to keep up with the amount of products coming and going, and the company is still planning on hiring more people.


The news report went on to state:


A recent survey by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce found that new employment in the logistics industry is outpacing other segments of the economy and that 80 percent of local logistics companies have indicated they plan to hire more staff in 2012.


Positions of most all kinds from managerial to entry level, are opening in the area, bringing the Central Ohio area to “critical mass” with so many logistics players and the job training program. Maybe it is time for you to discover Columbus.



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