Do You Thrive on Change?

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Whether you are anticipating a career change or adjusting to the changing workforce within your current job as an administrative assistant, it is natural to experience uncertainty or anxiety when unsure of how to proceed. Change, though, can develop into a positive experience if you are willing to keep an open mind and roll with the changes on your path to success.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

A changing workforce does not have to throw you into panic in your role as an administrative assistant. Prepare for the upcoming change in administration or even revisions to company policies by gathering the information and details you need. Take an active approach by inquiring with your supervisors about procedural changes that directly affect your position as support personnel for your employee and client base.

Visualize Your Success

Although change can be worrisome if you are uncertain about the specific details, you can cope with uncertainty by visualizing your success in your new role. Focus more on the opportunities available versus drowning in the loss of how things used to be in your office. Use this time to boost your skill set by enrolling in workshops or seminars directly related to your industry's niche and your role as an administrative assistant.

Anticipate With Flexibility

Change is inevitable. Therefore, make up your mind to enter into a situation or company with a willingness to be flexible. If you have a structured routine, anticipate the need to make adjustments to accommodate new employees, supervisors or clients. An administrative assistant unwilling to adapt to changes may struggle with maintaining a positive attitude, which directly impacts your clients and the employees you support.

Push for Acceptance

You may be resistant to reporting to a new boss or adding on duties that were not previously required; however, the reality is that you probably must accept the requirements versus fighting the situation. Look for the opportunity to meet and exceed the expectations of the company or your supervisor by investing time in learning more about the changes. An administrative assistant who feels prepared and has accepted the ever-changing nature of the industry is more likely to positively influence co-workers who are resistant to stepping outside of the box.

Seek Support

Employers realize that uncertainty fuels fear. Don't let your fear get the best of you when faced with change. Instead, seek out support from people who are more familiar with your new tasks or recently adopted hardware or software programs. Take the initiative to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the changes ahead so the newness of the situation does not breed fear.

Embrace change to better perform your job duties as an administrative assistant. As a result, your positive attitude and approach are likely to rub off on co-workers and supervisors, thus enhancing your overall work environment.

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