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A whopping 65% of workers last year in the US did not use their vacation time. The reason many gave? They thought that not taking their vacation time made them appear to be harder working.

Do you feel guilty for not taking time off for vacation? Well you're not alone. According to Forbe's magazine's recent study there are more people with that mindset than you might think!

Career planning experts and psychologists weigh in on the matter:

"It's silly to think that giving up vacation is going to make your colleagues think how important you are," says Connie Thanasoulis, a career services expert at the job search Web site "Take your vacation and let them miss you." After all, you can never get back those days you didn't use—or the once-in-a-lifetime memories they might have produced.

"Vacations are underrated," agrees Joan Kane, a Manhattan psychologist who has worked as a therapist for 22 years. "People think they're fluff. I believe they're crucial." Beyond the obvious benefits of stress reduction, regeneration and rest, they satisfy a deep need to feel that you're in control of your own time. "On vacation you have no boss to satisfy," Kane observes. "You're not under constant surveillance."

Want to know more about the study or learn the best ways to streamline your vacation planning? Check out the Forbes article for yourself!

This Year You Must Take Your Vacation [Forbes]

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