Employee Screening Can Save Hotel Owners & Managers from Lawsuits

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by Alex A. Kecskes

The increase in job-related crimes has underscored the need for hotel managers to learn as much as they can about whom they will be hiring. One way to get a picture of an employee's inner workings is through a background check.

Knowing whom you're hiring is particularly important in the hospitality industry, since hotel workers at most levels have access to rooms and information about guests.

A comprehensive policy of background screening affects not only the safety and privacy of guests and customers, but other employees. All have a right to expect a reasonable level of safety while on the premises. They also have a right to hold hotel managers and owners responsible to ensure their safety and privacy.

Many hotel managers are reluctant to pay for a background check on every employee due to the expense. These employers risk a negligent hiring lawsuit, which is not only expensive, but can ruin the reputation of a hotel or its chain.

Should an employee, guest or contractor becomes the victim of a crime, and if that crime can be traced to the employer's failure to run a proper background check on the perpetrator, the employer could be held liable. In such a case, liability goes beyond the perpetrator and reaches out to the employer. Keep in mind that the "deepest pockets" in cases like these are the hotel or hotel chain, not the perpetrator.

The smartest hotel chains and managers will insist on employee screening and drug testing as well. After all, it's what the customer expects.

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