Encouraging Your Office to Go Digital

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Just a few decades ago, administrative professionals handled reams of paper on a daily basis. Office technology has made it possible to eliminate paper waste and increase productivity, but you may have to convince your supervisors or colleagues that going digital makes sense. You will need to be prepared to make a persuasive argument if you want to encourage people to make the switch. If you use facts and statistics to support your position, you will have a better chance of persuading people to go digital in the office.

If you handle most of the paper in your office, your supervisors and colleagues may not know how much time it wastes. Filing, searching for missing papers, and printing documents all take up time you could be using to perform higher-level tasks. If you want to persuade your boss to invest in office technology, keep track of how much time you spend on paper management. If you can show your boss you are wasting several hours per week on paperwork, she will be more likely to understand how going digital can increase productivity for everyone in the office.

Coworkers who are used to doing things the old way may take a little more convincing. You must give them a good reason to learn new office technology, so focus on their needs instead of yours. Going digital might save administrative professionals a lot of time, but your colleagues may be more concerned about how it will help them. If one of your colleagues routinely spends a lot of time searching for paper files, explain how much easier it is to search for an electronic file. If you use digital files, your computers will do the searching for you, saving time and reducing frustration. Using digital files also reduces stress when it is time to file taxes or prepare end-of-year reports.

Detailing the costs of using paper versus digital files can also help you persuade your boss to invest in office technology. In a survey, 92 percent of more than 2,000 office workers revealed they do some kind of printing each day. Fifteen percent of the respondents said they print more than 50 pages per day. This adds up to at least 250 pages for a five-day workweek. Also consider the cost of replacing printer ink and upgrading your printers as the old ones wear out from constant use. If you can show your boss that going digital will reduce office expenses, you have a shot at reducing the amount of paper you handle.

Using office technology can save secretaries, administrative assistants, and receptionists a significant amount of time. When you switch from paper files to digital ones, it is easier to find the information you need. This makes it possible to answer customer inquiries more quickly and give your boss the information she needs to prepare reports. Explain the cost savings and increased productivity associated with going digital, and your boss will be more likely to agree to try new office technology.



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