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If veteran employees and managers fail to fully engage new hires and offer a helping hand along the way, it is easy for new hires to fall behind at work in the early stages. Consider some ways you can help new hires become productive assets in the accounting office instead of dead weights in the firm.

Welcome New Hires to Engage Them

In any work environment, new hires feel far more comfortable if they receive a warm welcome. Help to embed new hires into the company atmosphere and culture by introducing them personally to everyone in the accounting division. Encourage employees and managers to interact with new hires and make them feel like part of the team right away. A human resources team that helps a new hire assimilate at work can pave the way for success on the job.

Establish Correct Policies and Procedures Early

In order for new hires to get into the swing of things in the office, it is important that they learn fundamental policies and procedures early. Helping new hires learn the basics as soon as possible reduces frustration for everyone and raises office productivity. A strong foundation of information helps them gain a greater understanding and make fewer mistakes on their accounting assignments, and it reduces the amount of work that seasoned employees are called to complete when new hires complete tasks incorrectly.

Provide Clear Resources

Provide additional accounting resources for quick reference to reduce anxiety and confusion, and offer step-by-step instructions so that projects are less of a hassle. Clarify the expectations the firm has for new hires both verbally and in writing so that they know what is expected of them each day. Create simple checklists to help new hires manage themselves and determine whether they are covering all of the bases before they submit any work.

Pair Him With a Partner

Without some assistance, many employees breaking into the accounting field can quickly feel alone and overburdened. Pairing a new hire in the accounting division with an experienced accountant can really engage the employee at work and help him catch on faster. If a new hire works closely with a co-worker for the first few days, he can learn the ropes and grasp useful accounting techniques that can make the job far easier.

Provide Further Training and Encouragement

Teaching a new hire how to do the job by offering additional training and hands-on experience is key to helping the individual learn complex accounting concepts and rituals much faster. In addition, providing a few encouraging words throughout the day can help green employees build confidence in themselves and their skills in the office. Avoid responding in a frustrated manner to new hires while they are still learning, or you may discourage them from asking questions in the future.

When promising new hires are not engaged in their work or feel like they are not catching on, they are more likely to leave. Engaging new hires in the office is essential to keep them from slipping under the radar or falling by the wayside. As the new hires develop accounting experience and learn helpful accounting techniques, they require less supervision and office productivity rises.

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