Five Ways to Keep Up to Date on Accounting Technology

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With technology changing overnight, it can seem daunting for an experienced accountant to keep up to date with the latest accounting technology. If you started your career during the days when calculators had to be plugged in and communication took place in person or on the phone, the changes in accounting technology may feel overwhelming. These five tips will help anyone stay up to date on all things high-tech in the office.

Use the Cloud

One immensely helpful new accounting technology is online data storage. Rather than spending money on in-house servers, consider using cloud computing to simplify your data storage and transmission needs. Learn a little about how cloud computing works and choose a cloud computer service that matches the needs of your accounting business.

Choose the Most Appropriate Financial Software

So much project-specific accounting software exists now that it can be difficult to choose the right programs. A little research, however, should lead you to the most current and appropriate financial software for your company's needs. Look for integrated software packages so you won't have to learn different programs for payroll, filing and tax accounting. Simpler is better when it comes to software, so find what works for you. Don't worry about learning every piece of accounting technology and software on the market. Just do the research to find the ones that best provides your clients with the services they require.

Expand Your Communications

If you started your accounting career cultivating clients in person and on the phone, today's screen-driven communications may feel a bit impersonal. Instead, view the new accounting technology as a boon that helps you maximize your time and your client communications simultaneously. Use video chat to set up virtual meetings with clients in other cities to save on travel expenses. Stay in touch more frequently by emailing clients and giving them answers in real time. Consider developing a social media presence that represents your services to a wide audience of current and potential clients. .

Rely on Your IT Staff

You don't have to be an expert on accounting technology to provide services to your clients. Lean on your IT department, as it can be invaluable when it comes knowing how to process the changes in accounting technology and make wise decisions regarding purchases and adopting new equipment. Consult your IT staff before making any major accounting technology decisions.

Sync Your Scheduling

Keeping your accounting practice going isn't just about filling out spreadsheets and tax forms. Today's technology can streamline your ability to schedule your time. In addition, it can let you track billable hours easily and make sure all accountants on a project are up to speed with the latest developments.

If you're an accountant who has spent years building your skills and your client base, keeping up with changing accounting technology will help you stay competitive. Take a look at current technological possibilities and choose the ones that will help your individual practice thrive.


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