Getting a New Appreciation for Time

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Have you ever thought of how much time you really have left to live on the planet? What doesn’t help is that it seems the older we get, the faster time goes by. Some people think this happens because our lives keep getting more and more complicated and as a result it makes time appear to go by much faster. Regardless of how it seems to be speeding up, what is important, is we appreciate the time we do have left.

Here is an exercise you can use to give yourself a new way of looking at and appreciating each day. First, using a calculator, decide on the total number of years you feel you will live. Multiply this number by 365, adding an additional day for every four years (leap year).

Next, multiply the number of years you have been living times the number of days in a year (365), adding one additional day for every four years (leap year). This figure will give you the number of days you have been alive on the planet.

Finally, subtract the total number of days you have been living from the total number of days you want to live. The answer will give you the total number of days you have left. As you get into bed tonight, remind yourself you have just used up another day and now have one less day to live.

Through the use of this exercise, it somehow gives a new appreciation for how much time we really have left to live. It can remind us that every day is a gift and should not be taken for granted.


By: Tom Borg

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