Handling the "I'm Not Interested" Response

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As a sales professional, your sales pitch is crucial to your success. However, having just one pitch prepared may be hindering your ability to close a sale. Be prepared for a customer response that stipulates he or she is uninterested with scripts that could lead you to a profitable sale.

Refine Your Pitch

While your sales pitch may have helped you acquire sales in the past, a refined pitch catered to the customer's industry could garner much more success. If you anticipate that a customer response may be lingering toward "I'm not interested," prepare yourself with a script that is different from what you typically use.

Delay the Decision

When a customer is declining your offer, slow down the conversation a bit with a sales pitch tactic that shows empathy. Tell the client you understand his decision but want to make sure he understands what he's turning down. Let the customer know that after you provide more details, the two of you can discuss the proposition further. Then, emphasize the features or benefit of the product or service, and if possible, allow the customer to test the product or service out for a specified amount of time. Make it clear to the customer that if he's still not interested after an explanation or trial run, you will not foster hard feelings or resentment.

Customize the Product or Service

Persuade a potential client to reconsider his decision by offering to show how the product or service can help his business. Customize your sales pitch to only outline features related to the customer's specific business practices. Offer scenarios and examples of current clients in the same industry who are satisfied with your services to provide proof of the success of the product line. When customizing your services for a particular customer, you are showing that you have knowledge of the industry and have performed the research necessary to cater to the company's needs.

Offer Unique Information

It is likely that a potential customer already has your company brochures, a quote or a sales email; however, you can make the individual making the buying decisions feel special by making the sales pitch more personal. Offer to forward unique information and details about the product or service that is not typically released to other consumers. Let your client know that you want to give him a sneak peek of unique information, product tests and reviews to further convince him that buying from you is a sound decision.

It can be frustrating to put time and effort into a sales pitch only for customers to relay that they are not interested. By preparing yourself with multiple scripts and strategies, you could turn a refusal into an acceptance with ease.

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