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A job interview represents a key milestone in the hiring process. You already impressed a potential employer with your skills and experience, and an interview gives you an opportunity to put your winning personality and attitude on display. Take a look at five tips for having a cool performance in front of the hiring manager as you secure your next opportunity along your career path.

1. Understand Your Role

Prepare for your job interview by thoroughly researching the company and making sure you understand its mission. Next, look over the job description and job title, and make sure you understand what's required for the role. Knowing detailed information about the organization and having a good understanding of the job description and requirements serves as a great starting point for your conversation during a job interview.

2. Dress Well

Examine the company dress code for everyday wear, then wear clothes that are slightly more professional for the job interview. For example, if the everyday dress code for men calls for a polo shirt and khakis, your interview attire should be a collared shirt, tie and dress slacks. Dress comfortably so you don't fidget during the meeting. Your attire says a lot about your preparedness and attitude towards the job, so it's essential to dress well.

3. Arrive on Time or Early

Hiring managers are busy people, which is why arriving on time or slightly early is essential. Arriving early also demonstrates courtesy. Map the route to the job site well before the interview, and if possible, complete a practice run before interview day. If an emergency arises on your way to the meeting or if you get stuck in traffic, call the hiring manager as soon as possible.

4. Ask Questions

A potential employer expects you to ask questions, because a job interview is a two-way conversation. If you don't ask questions, employers may view this as a lack of interest or lack of preparation, both of which can hurt your chances of getting the job. Asking questions also helps you determine if the company is a good fit for you.

5. Say "I Don't Know"

Believe it or not, it's okay to answer "I don't know" to a question or two. This shows humility and honesty, which are attractive qualities. Saying that you don't know something demonstrates that you have room to grow in your potential role. Be sure to express your strong desire to grow within the company.

Deliver a cool performance during a job interview with these five tips. You might land better opportunities, and you could put your career on the right track if you keep these ideas in mind the next time you interview for a position.

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