Hospitality Jobs for the 50+ Set

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Older workers have been hit hard in this economy. If you're an over 50 worker, you may have to segue into a different job until the economy improves. Fortunately, there is an industry that values your work and life experience while offering flexible hours--hospitality.

These days, many travelers tend to be older, retired or semi-retired couples who can relate to older employees with some life experience. Companies like Disney, McDonald's and Marriott have instituted initiatives to help mature workers find jobs. Many older workers have customer service experience. Through years of sales or rep work, they have the maturity and know-how to deal with difficult or demanding customers.

Experience Works, a national, non-profit organization provides training and employment services for older workers. The organization recognized Marriott Guest Services as an outstanding employer for older workers. The percentage of workers 50 years and older at Marriott rose to nearly 9 percent. The hotel chain is also involved in its Salt Lake City headquarters' local Senior Employment Council, a group that unites businesses and older workers.

Hospitality jobs offer varied schedules. Work shifts often start as early as 6:30 a.m. and some end at midnight. Overnights and weekend work are also available.

Before applying at a hotel, ask about the physical demands. Many jobs require standing on your feet for long hours or frequent lifting. Stay at the hotel for a night to get a feel for the atmosphere. Attend career fairs and meet with hospitality recruiters to learn which hotel and position best suits you.

For an added perspective, check out this video, Now Hiring Retired Seniors.

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