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We have been doing a lot of thinking about Hospitality, our society, our everyday lives and what is taking place in our constantly changing world! One conclusion we have arrived at is showing some love is synonymous with hospitality! Furthermore, we all need to show more love in our actions, behavior and respect for others in our everyday engagements as we take the daily journey called life!

Quite frankly, anyone that is employed in the hospitality industry and is not happy with their choice of employment, their place of employment or with themselves in general will have difficulty in “showing some love,” and will not perform up to the expectations of the job. “Putting on a happy face,” full of love and good cheer becomes next to impossible and the job performance will suffer as will the services offered to clients served by that individual! We do not want to limit the context of this article to the hospitality industry as the demeanor of individuals and the ability to “show some love” is in direct correlation with the meaning of hospitality and the unambiguous affect hospitality has in our lives in general! The following are a few examples of when “showing some love is important.” We rest assured that our readers will recall recent events personally when a lot of these situations took place and moreover remember if you reacted in a behavior which was an overt gesture of “showing some love!”

Greeting an exhausted, frustrated spouse or sibling that apparently had a difficult day which is indicated by their appearance or expression. (A hug, assistance, or offer of sorrow for their difficulty would have shown some love and gone a long way!) Engendering relationships by small actions go a long way!

An encounter with a subordinate that you just passed over for a promotion. (A simple offer of compassion such as “I enjoy working with you and there will be more opportunities in the future. Timing is everything and this was not your time!) A fine display of good human relations!

Following a consumer that was extremely rude to a cashier because the he/she had to wait a substantial amount of time due to no fault of the cashier. (A”Showing some love” by letting the downtrodden cashier know that you appreciate them and understand that it was not their fault!)

Approaching the friend or family member in the receiving line at a wake or funeral honoring the deceased. (This is a tough one. It is appropriate to extend a hand, if not very familiar with the person being approached, or offering a sincere hug if more familiar. Although it seems trite, verbalizing that you know they are in a better place and/or they had a good life and you were blessed to know them when in good health.)

We could come up with dozens more. We are certain you have a sense of the importance of “showing some love” and the many situations as well as actions that could necessitate “showing some love.” Our goal in this article is not to make anyone feel negligent, but to illuminate and illustrate the power of “showing some love” and the ability of all of us (key words) to do so! In closing, there should be no doubt that you totally understand the correlation between Hospitality and “showing some love!”

Barbi Snyder loves the industry and loves to write about it. She has been involved in a myriad of aspects of the industry from grass roots, to management and ownership! Interested parties should seek employment tips on, and can access her articles and seek feedback of or our vast Nexxt website!

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