How AA Jobs Have Changed and What it Means to You

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Holding a position as an administrative assistant brings new challenges to the table for anyone desiring to work in the field. Consider the ways that the work of administrative assistants has changed over the past few years, and how it can affect your responsibilities and job prospects.

More Responsibilities

The administrative assistant of today has more responsibilities than ever before, and any individual who desires to work in the profession must be ready to handle the host of duties that come with it. Administrative tasks have become more complex than simple word processing and filing tasks; now workers are expected to complete financial duties, plan events, manage projects and even perform business negotiations. More administrative assistants are also expected to maintain company social media profiles to build the brand and reach out to clients and potential customers. Some supervisors rely heavily on their administrative assistants, and this can lead to a stressful daily burden of work for the average worker.

A Demand for Higher Skills and Education

Nearly anyone with a high school diploma and a bit of experience in the office could have secured a simple administrative assistant job in the past, but now there is a higher demand for workers who possess more skills and education. Some employers require that a potential administrative worker have at least an associate’s degree, and those who are already employed are often urged to return to college to receive higher wages and better benefits from their employers.

New Technologies on the Horizon

Gone are the days where basic computer skills were enough. Now, an administrative assistant who want to excel in the industry must have high technical skills to succeed. Some companies have even replaced some of their administrative assistants with state-of-the-art software to save money and gain efficiency. However, if you are proficient with working with the latest technologies and systems, your technical skills can make you more valuable to employers. Being a quick learner can help, but consider taking administrative training classes on a regular basis to maintain your qualifications, boost your skill set and stay up to speed in the workplace.

A Need for Greater Experience

Some employers are seeking administrative assistants who have knowledge in their industry before they hire them. This can become an obstacle to employment for individuals who have the education, but lack experience in the employer’s industry. If you want to show your value as a worker, touting your industry expertise can help you land a job faster than those who do have none.

If you want to obtain or retain a position as an administrative assistant, it is important to adapt to the changes and meet the new challenges to excel. Great administrative workers are key to a businesses’ success, so take a proactive role in your career by improving your skills, education and your capacity to handle all types of tasks in the office.


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