How Technology Can Break the Glass Ceiling in Accounting

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Although around 60 percent of accountants were female in 2014, very few female accountants rise to the rank of partner. Technology provides opportunities for the top female accountants to move through the ranks and reach the top tiers of their profession. Here are a few ways to use technology creatively to stand out from the crowd.

Do Your Own Thing

Lots of female accountants hit the glass ceiling while doing everything the tried-and-true way. Instead, look to rapid changes in accounting technology to provide plenty of impetus for developing new service modes. Look for needs that are not being met, and use technology to find unique ways to fill them. Adding new revenue streams is an excellent way to be noticed.

Offer More

Cloud technology gives you access to more information than ever before, and knowing how to use that information gives you an edge that clients desire. Stay up-to-date on industry software, and use it creatively to give your clients state-of-the-art service. Financial advice, international services, and a holistic approach that provides integrated business help are just a few ways to use the big data that technology provides in your accounting practice.

Embrace Flexibility

Mobile technology gives you the freedom to remain flexible about your hours without being tied down to the office. Keep your mobile devices handy, and encourage your clients to use technology for business communications whenever possible. Conversely, mobile technology allows you to stay in touch with family and friends when you travel, making it easier to widen the scope of your operations.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Female accountants face stiff competition from male accountants in the area of technology. Culturally, men are the first to embrace new technology. Show clients and the competition that you are just as tech savvy as your male associates. Become an expert on accounting technology, and make sure that you are using the latest hardware and software to keep your practice up to date.

Give Female Entrepreneurs Another Option

One advantage female accountants have in the workplace is a natural affinity with women business owners. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology, you provide female entrepreneurs a high-quality alternative to male accounting professionals. Show your company that you have a special rapport with female clients, and work to bring more on board. Join organizations for professional women, and consider becoming a mentor for other women working their way up in the business world.

Technology provides many opportunities for female accountants to shine. Use technology to develop your own unique service modes and to provide more to your clients. Staying up-to-date to compete better with male colleagues and provide female clients with both modern services and a feminine rapport can help you to break through the glass ceiling.


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