How to Embrace Change in a New Administrative Assistant Job

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Getting a new administrative assistant job can be tricky, but you can shine in your position if you are well-prepared. The extent of the job responsibilities varies in every company, so be proactive, anticipate the needs in your workplace and take action to meet changes head-on.

Get to Know the Basics

If you want to embrace change in a new position, you must grasp the basics first. Learn the basic office procedures in your workplace to the letter, and you will be better equipped to perform. Become familiar with office lingo to understand your co-workers and react quickly to managerial commands. Improve your typing speed to take notes faster and finish routine tasks quickly.

Stay Flexible

It is easier to embrace change as a new employee if you remain flexible. Be open to sudden changes in schedule, and allow extra time in your daily work schedule to accommodate random tasks that arise during the day to maintain balance and flexibility. Being able to adapt in a fast-paced office zone is essential to becoming a sharp administrative assistant.

Ask Questions

If you want to do your job properly and embrace new policies and procedures that come up in the workplace, asking questions is a necessity. Most supervisors would rather you ask questions about a task that you do not understand than waste time and resources on a poorly completed assignment. Listen clearly to your boss's advice to perform better and reduce on-the-job frustration.

Gain Additional Training

Ask a fellow employee or friendly supervisor to give you an extra hand to learn the ropes faster. Take training classes to gain additional experience in the administrative field, and you will feel more confident and capable at work. Consider taking online courses to learn how to be a more efficient and knowledgeable worker.

Utilize Technological Resources

A sharp administrative assistant can embrace changes in technology and office procedure by using technology well. Learn to use office programs properly to make your job duties easier. Recording, organizing and transferring company records is simple with the utilization of information systems. Instead of letting paperwork pile up, input company information into the system immediately to reduce clutter and make information access easier. By communicating with company partners and vendors through email, telephone and live chat, you can enable yourself to finish the job from anywhere.

Communicate with Co-workers

Talking to other people in the office about the changes that are taking place can help you to become more comfortable. You may be surprised to discover that your fellow employees feel the same way. Experienced company employees have a better understanding of the job in general, and they can bring you up to speed quickly. In addition, smart solutions can be shared amongst employees to make everyone adjust to office changes more easily.

Being the new administrative assistant in the office can be a challenge, but you can overcome it. Gaining the proper knowledge and use of office tools allows employees to embrace change in a new office position, adapt to the new work environment and become more successful.


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