How to Get a Job as a Bookkeeper

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Because bookkeepers keep financial records for an organization, they can be very valuable for businesses. Bookkeepers record transactions, keep bank statements updated, and make sure all financial records are accurate. Entry-level bookkeeping jobs usually require at least a high school diploma, and many of the skills needed are learned while on the job.

To get an accounting bookkeeping job, you need to have a strong background working with numbers. You also need to be able to calculate profit and loss, and you will likely be required to know how to generate payroll. A college vocational program in accounting or bookkeeping will also help you get a job in the industry because some places may ask that you have at least an associate's degree before you are even considered for employment. In addition to a degree, the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers has a voluntary certification credential that shows employers you're proficient in a variety of bookkeeping skills. The certification requires two years of work experience in the field, adherence to a code of ethics, and a passing grade on the certification exam. 

Apply for an internship while you are still in technical school. Many colleges will help you locate companies that are looking for new employees, and some technical colleges even partner with businesses to find new faces. When you apply for an internship, you may have to sign an agreement to work with the company for a certain number of months or years after you graduate, but this can help you with your job search and will guarantee you an accounting bookkeeping job once you get your degree. An internship can help open up doors regardless of whether you decide to continue working for the company you have interned with or not. 

Make sure you stay current on your knowledge of accounting bookkeeping software. If you're attending a technical college or are enrolled in a college accounting program, you will learn the most common software programs available for accounting bookkeeping jobs. On-the-job training with entry-level bookkeeping jobs will also expose you to the types of procedures and software the company you are working for will use. Check with your local community. Some communities offer low-cost software courses or continuing education classes for adults in a variety of different software programs. The classes usually run for one night a week for a few months, which allows you to work during the day while learning a new skill. The work can pay off: according to Nexxt's salary center, a bookkeeper earns an average salary of $38,232 in the US.

An accounting bookkeeping job is ideal for someone who enjoys working with numbers and thinking critically. If you have excellent clerical skills and are well organized, a career in accounting can offer infinite opportunities for advancement. If you're looking for a place to start, you can find bookkeeping jobs on Nexxt, and add your location to find opportunities near you.


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