How to Juggle Inter-Departmental Pressures in Tax Season

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Positive interdepartmental interaction is one of the keys to success for many large companies. Different departments have different tasks and short-term goals, but all parts of a company should share the same overarching desire to see the organization succeed. During tax time, accountants often find themselves under exceptional pressure, and poor interdepartmental interaction can lead to extra work and confusion. You must deal with the pressures caused by these interactions as quickly as possible to prevent them from snowballing into even greater problems that could threaten the livelihood of the company and its employees.

One of the best things you can do to make your interdepartmental interaction regarding taxes less taxing is focus on organization. As an accountant, your team members likely already have their paperwork organized and are focused on making those numbers match important tax forms, but pressures can build when you must rely on other departments for additional information and input. You can help smooth interdepartmental interaction events during tax season by informing each department of exactly what accounting needs and how the information should appear. Setting specific objectives and focusing on organization during the early parts of the season can help ensure excellent flow during the busier period.

Experienced accountants likely have a few anecdotes about interdepartmental interaction gone right. The tax season is a great opportunity to build better relationships between the many departments of your company. Working together to reach a common goal and meet specific deadlines can help reinforce and strengthen the bonds between departments. Focusing on positive interaction—such as events that allow team workers to succeed by relying upon one another—instead of negative interaction—such as working toward competing objectives—can dramatically change the nature of the pressures felt by your accounting team. Fostering teamwork can help positively affect your company culture as a whole.

Interdepartmental interaction should also be about celebrating success. Many accounting departments are likely to have vacations planned and other ways of celebrating the end of tax time, but they may not account for all the work that other departments put into making the season a success all around. Celebrating your successes together across interdepartmental lines is a way to forge stronger ties and help build more meaningful bonds. During the hectic period, accounting and other departments should be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and anticipating their ultimate success.

Tax time is exceptionally busy for most accounting professionals. Interdepartmental interaction can lead to positive or negative pressure, and dealing with this pressure is important for the success of the project and the company as a whole. Focusing on organization, positive interaction, and celebrating success can transform the way the departments in a company work together during this time.



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