How to Take Care of Your Money Worries

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The interesting thing about living in this world is that everyone worries, especially when going through a job transition. Some of us worry more than others. Three of the common things most of us worry about are our concerns with:


In this article let’s talk about money. When it comes to money, if we have too little, we worry about how much we need and how we are going to get more of it. For many people this can consume a great deal of their time. They worry about how they are going to pay their monthly bills, credit card payments or how they are going to pay for their children’s college education. This vicious cycle continues and they are unable to come up with a solution because they are spending all of their time worrying about the problem.

One thing is for sure, worrying about something never solved the situation! The key to taking charge of your money worries, is to start thinking about the solutions that are possible. One exercise is to try to imagine in your mind that you are asking a money consultant for some advice about your particular financial situation. He listens to you then he replies with an answer. What might he say? Very likely the answer you imagine will be the very answer you need to hear.

For example, your question might be: how do I pay the bill I just received in the mail from my credit card company? As you ask yourself the question, an answer pops into your head. You could use the extra money you were saving for an emergency. Then another answer comes to you and it suggests you not purchase the new couch you and your spouse were thinking about buying. By delaying this purchase and by using some reserve money to pay the current credit card bill, you have solved the problem.

The concept here is that you ask your inner guide for a solution. By listening and taking action on the problem you are dealing with, you can solve the financial concern.

So in summary, stop worrying, and start thinking about a solution and then take action. The benefit you receive is you will be able to take charge of your money worries one problem at a time.

By: Tom Borg


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