Let Your Career Anger Go

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Are you angry about your career? If you are, it's okay to feel that way.


Today's workplace and job market can give you a lot to be angry about. When you send out resumes and do not get a response, that can make you angry. When you call people to network or follow up after interviews or meetings and they don't get back to you after repeated tries, that can make you angry. When you have a boss that wants you to work all the time or co-workers who are not nice to you, that can make you angry.


Lots of reasons to be angry. And, you would be right to be angry.


The problem is that anger comes at a cost. And all that anger, although justified, can take a toll on your career. I am not saying to not let things bother you. I am telling you to let it go, because you know deep inside that anger is not good for you and it is keeping you from being fulfilled in your career.


What are you angry about? Say it out loud or write it down. It's time to get it out rather than holding it inside where it festers, adds negativity to your career, and does damage.


So, How do you let anger go in your career? Follow these three steps:


1. Recognize How Your Anger Serves You


Objectively, you know that anger does not help your career, but maybe you keep it around because it serves a purpose. As long as you are focusing on how angry you are, why you were hurt, why you are right, etc, you do not have to focus on anything else. Anger can consume your career; that's the negative part. But, it can also serve you. Consider this: as long as you are angry, you don't have to act. You don't have to try anything new. As a result, you won't fail and you won't make mistakes. Your anger keeps you safe. But is also keeps you stuck. That's why it has to go.


2. Decide to Let Your Anger Go


When you are wronged, you have a need to be right. Someone hurt you. Or, they did something that impacted you in a major way. Maybe you have not recovered from it yet. You have a right to your feelings. Letting go of anger is not for them, it's for you. It's so you can be happy again. Choosing to be free of your anger will transform your career because it allows you take your power back. You are deciding that what happened doesn't matter anymore and it will no longer hurt you. You are deciding to move on.


3. Focus on What's Next


Once anger no longer defines you, what do you want to put in its place instead? What dreams do you want to go after? What goals do you want to pursue? Once anger is no longer a big part of your career anymore, there is room for something positive to enter. A new chapter; a new door you can go through. When you let go of your anger, you are free. You can create anything you want. So what do you want to go after next? Now, go for it! Good for you.


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