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Two things are guaranteed in this life: death and taxes, and not necessarily in that order. It is easy to get caught up in the race to do more, be more, and have more cycle. Society gives you a steady flow of idealistic and somewhat damaging implications that are not going to be fulfilled until you drive a certain car, live a certain lifestyle, or look a certain way. All of this can make you constantly push to get to the next experience and ignore the present moment.

Start Living in the Present
It is difficult to appreciate and live in the present moment with this kind of perpetual conditioning. There is a quote, by Cesare Pavese, that can give you some perspective on how to get the most out of each day: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” You will get a different perspective on living by doing what Pavese suggests. When you break down the day into hours and the hours into minutes, you can give yourself the opportunity to start living in the present moment.

Don’t Take Your Loved Ones for Granted
Many times we take our family and friends for granted. We assume they will always be there. It is too easy to hurry on with our day and ignore these people who mean so much to us. Sooner or later, we come to our senses and realize that is a mistake.

Slow Down and Live
When you slow down and take the time to savor the precious present moments with family members and friends, you start to really live. You begin to experience life in the now and become more alive. Your life starts to become more real and less artificial. Your conversations become more colorful and meaningful. When you make the commitment to slow down and live in the present moment, you will become truly more spirited, animated and self actualized.

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