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As an administrative assistant, you likely handle dozens of tasks each day. If you don't have the ability to prioritize tasks and keep track of what you've accomplished, it's possible for important tasks to slip through the cracks. Fortunately, there are several methods of task management that work wonders for administrative professionals. Try one of these digital or analog methods if you are having trouble with task management.

Your task management tools don't have to be overly technical. One way to prioritize tasks efficiently is to use colored sticky notes to keep track of everything you need to do. You might want to use red or pink sticky notes for high-priority items and yellow sticky notes for less-urgent items. If you have a lot of tasks to manage, use four or five different colors to make task management easier.

If you have to keep track of long-term projects, try Microsoft OneNote. The program allows you to create digital notebooks, giving you plenty of space to record project ideas without adding to the clutter on your desk. Use OneNote to create master notebooks for each project, and create separate files for each task. The program is especially helpful for planning corporate events. Once you create a notebook for an event, you can use OneNote to keep track of RSVPs, travel details, confirmation numbers, and contact information for caterers and guest speakers.

Give your to-do list a makeover by introducing Todoist to your daily routine. Todoist makes task management easier by grouping projects by categories. The app also allows you to assign tasks to others, making it ideal for office managers who supervise receptionists, file clerks and secretaries. If you have to travel from one office to another, Todoist makes it easy to manage tasks on the go and access your to-do list from your mobile phone or tablet.

Sticky notes labeled "today," "tomorrow" and "someday" offer a unique approach to task management. These notes are ideal for planning short-term and long-term projects. Place high-priority tasks on the notes labeled "today" and "tomorrow." Make long-range plans on the notes marked "someday." Using this system is a great way to get ideas out of your brain so you don't forget them while you are busy completing other projects.

Take the digital corkboard concept to the next level by using Trello to organize all your projects. Trello allows you to create multiple projects with separate task lists. The program organizes all of your projects on a digital corkboard. This makes it easy to see what you need to accomplish on any given day.

If you want to succeed as an administrative assistant, you must be able to prioritize tasks effectively. Make task management easier by using a variety of digital and analog tools to jot down your ideas, give your to-do list a makeover, and keep track of short-term and long-term projects.

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