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Twenty years ago, customer expectations for retailers were set far lower, and many businesses did not fear the repercussions of offering a poor customer service experience. Now, retailers are answering the call for better service, and more are willing to meet the demands to maintain consumer interest and profits. If you modernize the customer service experience, you can have happier, more loyal customers.

Enhance Mobility

There is no denying that the modern customer service experience has made a huge turn towards greater mobility. Retailers that grant the option to shop from home allow consumers to have more control over when and how they make purchases. Modernize the customer service experience and enhance your company's mobility by creating a website or a mobile app that allows customers to shop conveniently any time of day.

Raise Availability of Help

Many shoppers are frustrated with the lack of help and service they receive from retailers, and consumers are demanding that retailers become more accessible to be able to help them. In-store service lines are often neglected or answered slowly, and calls for help are simply ignored after store hours during the week. If you cannot reroute your customer service calls to a 24-hour help center, then simply extending your customer service hours is a step to improve the total customer service experience. Hiring associates who are there exclusively to answer the phone and address consumer concerns in person can significantly reduce the anxiety that customers feel while waiting for solutions. Offering a live, online chat for customers is a welcome option to make aid more available.

Utilize Social Media Connections

Social media provides a digital platform for improving and expanding the customer service experience. Customers want to reach out to retailers through social media platforms to receive answers to their questions, request aid, and praise or condemn a retailer in the presence of others. However, retailers can use the same vehicle to connect with consumers, advertise to target markets and lure new customers.

Offer Faster Service

When it comes to the modern customer service experience, few like to wait anymore. Customers of all ages expect faster service times than ever before, and the lack or presence of speedy service has the power to make or break any enterprise. However, retailers that specifically cater to the millennial generation are pressured to conform to these expectations to thrive. Using technology to make service more efficient is key to raising consumer satisfaction. Retailers must make sure that their point-of-sale systems, websites and mobile apps are functioning optimally, or consumers wander off to other options.

Modernizing the customer service experience is the right solution for any retailer committed to satisfying the changing expectations of customers every day. Examine successful competitors to determine how you can improve your service. Smart retailers are taking the time to modernize the customer service experience to achieve higher sales and raise consumer satisfaction, and this trend is here to stay.


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