Moms Going Back to Work for Financial Security

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There has been a ton of discussion lately about stay-at-home moms sacrificing their financial health for the sake of raising their children. Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, there are a lot of moms returning to the workforce to make an extra buck and keep their foot in the corporate world.

However, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. What are some ways to successfully get you back into the working world? Take a look:

Work Part-Time

This can be one of the most appealing work alternatives for moms. You don’t have to give up all your freedom and time with your kids while earning a paycheck. That’s the misconception that many have while contemplating their next move. Not only does part-time work allow you to get your feet wet once again without diving in head first, you can pick up some new skills and start putting away some money while you’re at it.

Work-At-Home (for someone else) & Freelance

There are many ways this can happen. You can become skilled in a trade that hires home-workers such as medical transcriptionists. There are different courses out there to help you get started with such a thing. You can also become a virtual assistant or a freelancer for a business owner. The type of work would vary greatly depending on your strengths and the business owner’s needs.

Work-At-Home (for yourself)

Starting a business can be extremely scary and overwhelming but the Internet makes it easier than ever. Now don’t get me wrong: you still have to have strong business acumen and be willing to work very hard and constantly keep abreast of new marketing techniques, but you don’t need a lot of upfront capital. Domain names are cheap and there’s help out there to get started.

But do NOT get caught up in the easy-money scam. These scams prey on amateurs who might not know that it really is too good to be true. Those of us who have online businesses know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to become successful.


Now if you’re a mom who doesn’t care about earning an extra paycheck right now, then volunteering might be the route for you. It allows you to choose something you enjoy and believe in while honing some important business skills. Yes, volunteer work can easily be transformed into valuable assets that will work for you when and if it comes time to go back to work. It’s usually viewed upon very highly with employers.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s your decision. Some people believe that all women should work outside the home. If not, you risk financial ruin. That is a very dire picture to paint especially where there are other ways you can gain financial security. Do what’s right for you and your family. If the time is right and you feel you are willing and able to jump back into working, then go for it…and don’t let anything hold you back.


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