New Year, Time to Consider New Calendar Options

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Administrative assistants are regularly tasked with ensuring their own schedules, as well as those of managers and executives, are perfectly timed to handle the many tasks necessary to keep the company running. New calendar ideas are making it far easier for assistants to create and maintain schedules for themselves and their employers. These new calendars use the latest in office technology to ensure everyone can access the same information quickly and easily. Using some of these new calendar ideas can improve efficiency in the workplace.

Many administrative assistants now rely heavily on their smartphone devices for scheduling tasks. Calendar app software is often programmed into new smartphones, but basic programs may fail to offer a full suite of options. Advances in calendar ideas and smartphone programming have created an entirely new set of options. Advanced calendar app programs can quickly send SMS messages to meeting attendees, schedule video recording of important training and leadership events, and even make scheduled telephone calls with prerecorded messages for recipients. These powerful packages are a great way to put technology to work for you and reduce some of the workload associated with schedule management.

Another advance in the field of new calendar ideas is the use of cloud technology. Accountants and information technology specialists already make heavy use of online cloud storage and real-time interactions to keep up with financial or system information across multiple locations. Administrative assistants can also put the cloud to use by issuing real-time updates to schedules and attaching important memos or files to folders stored in the cloud. These folders may then be used during meetings, much the same way as a physical portfolio, without the hassle of juggling papers. Cloud calendars are a great choice for assistants who find themselves or their employers constantly on the go.

Many of the most advanced applications available today combine these calendar ideas into a single integrated package. They rely on smartphone SMS and scheduling technology as well as cloud storage to keep everyone in the office updated and provide access to important files when needed. Administrative assistants benefit from the fact that many of these systems are designed to work with one operating system but function well across multiple platforms, which is useful when they need to add more users or outside contacts into the system.

As the new year begins, reevaluating your calendar setup can help increase productivity and even reduce your workload when it comes to scheduling. New calendar ideas allow you to use your smartphone or computer in ways that can dramatically enhance efficiency. This makes the start of the year a great time to throw out the paper calendar and pencil and embrace technology that can help your schedule flow as smoothly as possible.



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