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Online collaboration tools are designed to increase productivity and keep projects running smoothly. Collaboration tools also allow admins to communicate more effectively with other team members. With the right collaboration tools, you can track projects, engage in group chats and share input on the latest projects inside and outside of the office. Introduce one of the following online collaboration tools to your team to make your workplace more efficient.

Google Docs is an online collaboration tool that allows you to upload and edit documents. After a document is shared with your colleagues, use the online chat feature to discuss changes to the document. Google Docs also lets any users who share permission make changes. In fact, multiple users can edit the document at the same time. The comment tool allows all members of your team to track changes as they are made.

Snipia is a basic online collaboration tool that is great for tracking the progress of projects. With this tool, create groups, assign work and share files with other members of your team. Snipia also has a feature similar to Twitter that allows all members to post status updates so everyone is informed of each member's progress. This tool is great for eliminating email clutter, and it also increases productivity by allowing members of the group to collaborate online outside of traditional office hours.

Campfire is an online chat tool that facilitates instant messages and video chat. However, unlike other tools, Campfire has an option to password-protect the chat rooms. This is an important feature, since accessing work remotely creates a potential security risk. Other features include an image and document uploader, voice conference calling tool and chat transcripts. Campfire also has a mobile app so you can collaborate online wherever you go.

WebEx is a great solution if you telecommute or make frequent business trips. With WebEx, conferences and meetings can take place online. You can upload media, documents and PowerPoint presentations. There are a number of tools to customize each conference to help you create an effective presentation. WebEx is also accessible on mobile devices.

Fuze Meetings is another online collaboration tool that allows you to conduct online meetings. However, Fuze features high-definition audio and video streaming. In addition, you can integrate media and animation into your conference. Best of all, any meeting created on Fuze can be embedded or sent to other employees.

Working collaboratively is essential for creating successful projects and presentations. From editing and sharing documents to video conferencing, online collaboration tools allow you and your team members to be engaged in current projects and contribute ideas. Start using one of these online collaboration tools to stay connected even when you are outside of the office.


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