Recruitment Strategies to Help You Hire The Best Employee

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The hiring process can be challenging for businesses and job seekers alike. You want a great employee that shares your company's vision, but wading through hundreds of candidates is a daunting task. Consider the following tips to revitalize your hiring practices and ensure that you are recruiting the best people for your business.

Determine Exactly What You're Looking For

Knowing exactly who or what your company needs is half the battle, and most resumes only tell part of the story. Think beyond education and work history: What does a great employee look like to your business? What personality characteristics, skills, attitudes and values are most important for the position you're trying to fill? Create a comprehensive profile of your ideal candidate, and include as much detailed information as possible, even down to their personal interests, hobbies and goals. If you want a great employee, you have to consider more than experience and current ability. You have to consider how well a candidate fits into your company's vision. Check out social media profiles on LinkedIn or PartnerUp to help give you an idea of character attributes to look for.

Utilize Your Network

Using your existing personal and professional network is a great way to find your next great employee. Start with the colleagues in your immediate circle, and put some feelers out. The people closest to you and your business are the best sources for viable leads. Also speak with your company's accountants, lawyers or financial partners, as these types of people often come in contact with a variety of different people from various backgrounds and industries. Make sure whomever you speak with is aware of exactly the type of candidate you're seeking.

Respond Quickly To Inquiries

Once you've gotten some interest in the position and inquiries start to pour in, handle them quickly. A top-notch candidate may quickly lose interest if hiring managers drag their feet on the follow-up. Schedule interviews as soon as possible after receiving a great cover letter and resume. After the interview, try to follow up with the candidate within 24 hours regarding the next steps in the hiring process.

Be Honest

The job description only tells candidates so much about what it is really like to work for your company. Once you get to the interview stage, it is time to be brutally honest about what your company needs from the ideal candidate. Companies expect complete honesty from job candidates, so the same is expected of you. So give it to them straight; this helps prevent having a great employee jump ship after only a few months on the job.

Hiring and training the wrong person can be frustrating, time-consuming and financially detrimental to any company, so taking the time to recruit thoughtfully is important. By determining exactly what your company needs, utilizing your professional network, and being prompt and honest with potential candidates, you greatly increase your chances of attracting your next great employee.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Susan thanks for your comment. Are you indicating on your resume and/or cover letter that you are an exceptional leader? Are you using quantifiable and measurable bullet points to show this? That's what the hiring manager is looking for. It's tough to "show" that during a phone interview but, since you are having a first interview, it means that they like what they see. Remember that there is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn!

  • Susan G.
    Susan G.

    Joe, any words of wisdom on how to communicate how one is an exceptional team member and leader in the first phone interview? Thank you

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