Setting Spiritual Goals

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For many people spiritual goals are quite personal. Most people are not comfortable discussing them openly. With over 4,000 religions in the world it is safe to say there are many different viewpoints and opinions. Yet, for most of us, having a sense of spiritual fulfillment is important to living a balanced life.

Many people prefer a structured approach to spiritual awareness and development. They enjoy being a member of an organized religion or group. For others, they prefer to take an individual approach. Some people take none at all.

It has been said that the late comedian, W.C. Fields, who was a known atheist, was on his death bed and seen reading a bible. When asked why he was reading it he replied, “looking for loopholes.”

Goal Setting
If you, as an individual, feel that spiritual goals are important, then you probably will have a path that you prefer to follow. Like the other lifetime goals that you set, it is important you decide for yourself how and when you will spend time developing your life in this area. By taking a few moments each day or week to pursue activities like prayer, meditation, group discussion, or just solitary walks, you will find your special connection with your ethereal side. It can provide you with a special feeling of spiritual satisfaction.

By keeping a metaphysical balance, you can create a special harmony with your internal life force which can help you maximize your efforts in your other lifetime goal areas. It can supply you with a special strength in times of crisis, ill health, frustration, confusion or hopelessness. Having spiritual goals can help you as you support others in their time of need. Just as importantly, it can help you to appreciate the present moment and make the very best of each day.
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